Cordless impact wrench guide

impact_wrench_and_ratchet_2317g_lThe cordless impact wrench is a useful tool for all, from the experienced handy man to the occasional DIY person. Wrenches have become have become more powerful, energy saving and lighter in weight. They are also easy to use. There is a difference between a wrench and a driver, many people confuse the two. The Wrench is able to remove a screw without causing any damage to eat, a driver on the other hand has a quick release hex chuck.

If you are thinking of buying a cordless impact wrench, you can use the following as a guide:

  • You need to choose between the electricity powered, battery powered or an air compressor. This will depend on your needs. If you work outdoors where there is no electricity, it may be a good idea to buy the battery powered of air compressor wrench.
  • You need to think of the tools that you already have in your toolbox. This is because the half inch wrench will only with a half inch socket.
  • You would also need to think about power, the half inch wrench will be more powerful than the 3/8” wrench but the 3/8” will have more revolutions (torque) per minute.
  • The weight of the wrench is also important. The light weight wrench will be easier to carry for long periods at a time.
  • Size wise the smaller wrench will be easier to use but will have less torque.
  • Wrenches can make a lot of noise, so if you are working inside an office space where people are working, you will need the wrench with little noise.
  • Think of the warranty, many wrenches come with a 1 year warranty although you can get those that have warranties up to 5 years. Choosing the wrench with a longer warranty is always better.

The cordless wrench can make your work easier if you choose the correct one for your needs, this is why it is important think about what kind of work and where you will be using the wrench to ensure that you choose wisely.

How to take care of your water purifier

There is only so much water your water purifier can clean before it also needs to be cleaned. If it is not properly maintained and cleaned then it will not be able to effectively purify the water and you will find yourself drinking un-purified water.


Taking good care of your water purifier will also make sure that it lasts longer and doesn’t break easily.  Follow these easy steps to make sure that your water purifier for home is working well:

  1. Always check its performance, there are water purifiers that a performance indicator such as LED indicators and the UV fail alarms. Always check these to make sure that nothing is malfunctioning in your system.
  2. Follow the instructions that came with the unit on how to clean your water purifier. Ensure that the parts that are removable are clean to avoid impurities such as bacteria and viruses from building up here. If you are concerned about the hassle of such cleaning, consider buying a water purifier that has a self- cleaning mechanism.
  3. Test your water purifier now and again just to be sure that everything is in good working order. Notice if the taste or the colour of the water changes, this may be a sign that your water purifier may be malfunctioning.
  4. Check the packaging of your water purifier for warranties on all the parts, ensure that parts that need to be replaced are replaced on time. If you do not replace the necessary parts on time, you risk the whole unit malfunctioning and eventually breaking. Make sure that if the parts need to be replaced by a professional, you take it to one.

Remember if you are unsure about anything concerning the functioning, replacement or warranties relating to your water purifier, contact the manufacturer, contact details maybe on the packaging. Take good care of your water purifier and it will last longer.